Welcome to The Pawty Bus!

The Pawty Bus is a pick-up and drop-off service

We understand life can get busy for you and your dog and that’s why we are now offering local one way or round trip pet shuttle service.

Think of us as your local neighborhood pet taxi. Our professional pet transport service makes sure your dog is shuttled safely and on time to all appointments.

Our pet shuttle service will pick up your dog and take them to and from daycare, grooming, veterinarians, boarding facilities. Give us a call to fetch your dog for their appointment.

All breeds are welcome on the pet shuttle, and we accommodate special requests to make sure your furry friend is at ease. Our transport vehicle is always clean and disinfected, as well as equipped with central air conditioning and heating to keep your pet comfortable.

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The Details

Your dog(s) must have passed the Pawty Bus temperament test to be eligible for this service.

Reservations must be made no later than 5 pm the day before to reserve your dog (s) pick-up and drop-off.

** We understand emergencies occur. Last minute reservations will be handled on case by case bases at the discretion of Pawty Bus.

Pawty Rates

Pawty Paws


Pickup Window6am – 9am
Drop Off Window4pm - 7pm
Pick up$20

20% discount for each additional dog.

Monthly packages (can not be carried over month to month) *

2 round trips per week (8 round trips)$150
3 round trips per week (12 round trips)$210
4 round trips per week (16 round trips)$270

Punch Cards *

5 rides$70
10 rides$130

20% discount for each additional dog

Vet trip $60 round trip waiting included

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